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Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

One thing a lot of guys asked me about is how they can get an amazing girlfriend. Men see me out with my girl looking like the happiest couple in the world and they sheepishly inquire, “how did you get a girl like that?” So, in this post I will try to offer some tips to help regular guys like myself to see the light and get some really terrific girlfriends for themselves!

One of the things that a lot of band seem to misunderstand about women is the fact that they are always in competition with each other. This being the case, it is very important that you present yourself as the kind of guy who a woman can “use” to get her friends super jealous and envious. It seems a bit tricky, but this kind of thing is actually very powerful and based on female psychology so don’t be so quick to dismiss this methodology. Now I know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, but I’m just a regular guy why would the fact that a girl is dating me make her friends jealous?”

That is the problem right there! Most guys don’t think highly enough of themselves at all, and they act in a way that shows women that they have this kind of average or slightly below average self-esteem. Instead, what guys need to do is feel like they are the coolest guy in the world and then present themselves as such. What most men don’t realize is that they don’t need to really be all that exceptional and anyway, or have any “proof” that they are the cats meow in order to present themselves as such. In other words, it’s not really so much about who you are as it is about who you SAY you are if that makes any sense.

Another tip is that as a guy you should always be learning more about women, how they think, what they like, how to make them love you deeply etc.… In this day and age there are numerous books and other training courses on this topic that a guy can pick up for just a couple of bucks and thereby get a huge upper hand when it comes to relationship dynamics. Sure, if you want to be lazy you can skip this step and tried to just be a charming guy and see how you do, but most guys to find real success with women are guys to never stop learning about women and wanting to get better and better over time. Really it’s just like anything else, it’s all about constantly improving your skill set and being a lifetime learner.